Reliable vehicle recovery towing in Chula Vista is easy with Expedite Towing and our 24 hour towing services for heavy loads, farm equipment, and construction equipment towing is the best. Get immediate assistance and get your heavy duty towing done right! On the freeway or the dirt road, we have all of your vehicle recovery towing needs covered from highway to beach!

Call a fast tow truck dispatch for heavy duty towing and top rated service near Chula Vista!

If you get stuck at the Chula Vista RV Resort and need a tow, having trouble with your arrangements at North County Airport Services, need heavy duty towing to and from the Chula Vista Bayfront port area, or a bus is stuck at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre for any event, we have the best tow trucks in the Chula Vista area.

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24 Hour Heavy Duty Towing

We offer 24 hour heavy duty towing services in Chula Vista. Call day or night for a tow truck within your budget. If you have a larger load to tow, you can’t always call just any tow company. You need 24 hour heavy duty towing available anytime, anywhere. If you have a major road obstruction or truck, bus, RV, farm equipment or other heavy load stuck on the road or abandoned at an inconvenient location, we can tow it!

What is 24 hour heavy duty towing equipment?
  • Weekender Recovery Kit
  • Super Duty Tow Kits
  • UTA/UTV Recovery Kits
  • Roadside Rescue Kits
  • Recovery Straps
  • Recovery Chains
  • Larger Car Carrier
  • Tire Skates
  • Trail Jacks (High Lift Jacks)
  • Galvanized Cable Reeds
  • Extreme Tow Ropes

There’s nothing worse than waiting, and we make emergency towing fast and stress-free for you, especially for heavy duty towing. We offer the full spectrum of towing services in Chula Vista, including:

  • Heavy duty towing
  • Flatbed towing service
  • Long distance towing
  • Local towing
  • Farm equipment transport
  • Agricultural tractor recovery
  • Construction vehicles
  • Construction equipment transport
  • Tractor towing
  • Accident wrecker service
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Off road recovery
  • Rough terrain towing
  • City towing
  • Suburban towing
  • Beach towing
  • Rural towing
  • Bus and commercial bus
  • Semi-tractor trailers
  • Pine-hook trailers
  • 5th wheel trailers
  • Dump truck towing
  • Cement truck towing
  • Garbage truck towing
  • Motor home and RV towing
  • Semi-truck decking
  • Cranes, heavy equipment and more

Other towing services in Chula Vista include:

  • Private residence towing
  • Junk car removal
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Medium duty towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Motorcycle assistance
  • Accident removal
  • Jump starts
  • Dead battery replacement
  • Flat tire repair
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Vehicle storage
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Auto auction transport
  • Parking spot violations
Don’t see it on the list? Just call us and ask for a Chula Vista tow

Heavy Duty Accident Towing in Chula Vista

Heavy duty accident towing in Chula Vista means that we handle large vehicles involved in accidents. Accidents are awful inconveniences and we also understand that tragic events need to be handled with care. Expedite Towing works with law enforcement, first aid, and general traffic control. Our towing experts know that you may be hurt, nervous, scared, or in shock. We will patiently wait with police, accident victims, and first responders to provide the best accident towing

  • Stuck in mud
  • Need pulling from a ditch
  • Field extractions
  • Turned over heavy loads
  • Wide load recovery
  • Extreme Recovery Services

With our emergency 24 hour heavy duty towing, Chula Vista drivers never have to worry about being alone in an accident. Towing is stressful, but we take the stress away. While you are being transported to take care of your own personal needs, we handle your personal property with great care and make sure your property, asset, trucks, and other heavy loads are safely removed from the road. We have great relationships with AAA and insurances to make sure you and your heavy duty loads are safe. We take care of the rest! Expedite Towing works with the Chula Vista law enforcement to cooperate during all kinds of accidents, minor fender benders and those with greater casualties.

Covering: Chula Vista – La Mesa – Escondido – and all of San Diego County

Cheap Vehicle Recovery Towing Rates - Local Chula Vista

Quality vehicle recovery at a good price means you get the best heavy duty towing rates in Chula Vista for any of your emergencies. Imagine the stress of having a roadside emergency with a large truck, bus, or other heavy load, and not knowing what to do. Don’t let that be you! Our experts can dispatch tow trucks within minutes and come prepared with comprehensive solution services for vehicle recovery of all kinds.

Some of the most popular heavy duty towing rates and services are:

  • Battery change
  • Battery repair
  • Flat tire change
  • Flat tire patching
  • Towing
  • Fuel delivery
  • Car lockout services
  • Mobile car services
  • Farm equipment
  • Semi-truck towing
  • Tractor-trailer towing
  • Construction vehicle towing

Emergency Heavy Duty and Vehicle Recovery Towing

What is emergency heavy duty towing?

Emergency heavy duty towing refers to any vehicle malfunction that interrupts traffic, personal scheduling, professional events, or violates property rights. When a larger vehicle is involved, like an overturned truck or a heavy load vehicle, accidents can become complex and take a long time to clear the roads. This creates traffic and sometimes makes first responders have challenges getting in and out of the scene. Of course, some emergencies are more “important” than others, especially on busy Chula Vista highways when lives may be in danger during an accident. However, Expedite Towing has a large inventory of heavy duty tow trucks to handle all major and minor emergencies with ease, 24 hour heavy duty towing at its best! From heavy towing to driving in unsafe conditions, all towing requests in Chula Vista are a valid emergency!

  • Accident towing
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Vehicle transport
  • Farm transport
  • Sunken vehicle rescue
  • Overheated truck
  • Damaged truck debris
  • Sudden truck failures

Tow Trucks in Chula Vista

What kinds of tow trucks do we offer you near Chula Vista?

For heavy loads, we take pride in our ability to tow anything anywhere. We are prepared with heavy duty tow trucks, ranging in abilities from accident towing to hauling farm and construction vehicles. From emergencies to routine professional transports, we are here for you.

Some of our most popular tow trucks in Chula Vista emergency towing services are:

  • Dolly tow trucks
  • Flatbed tow trucks
  • Lowboy tow trucks

What’s the difference?
How do I estimate heavy duty towing costs?
What kind of heavy load tow truck do I need?

Dolly tow trucks

Dolly tow trucks are the “hook method” tow trucks. They are what most people imagine when you say “I need to tow my car in Chula Vista!” We offer the standard dolly truck, but for heavy load towing, these are not always the right fit.

In our opinion, heavy duty loads need Flatbed tow trucks and Lowboy tow trucks.


Heavy Duty Towing Equipment

Heavy duty towing trucks come with better heavy duty towing equipment and tools. You need an expert who will know how to attach a vehicle recovery strap and other basic heavy load skills.

Some basic differences are the following:

  • Heavy duty towing cables
  • Heavy duty towing straps
  • Heavy duty brake pads
  • Vehicle recovery bridle
  • Vehicle recovery anchor
  • Vehicle recovery accessories
  • Heavy duty towing accessories

Flatbed tow trucks

Flatbed tow trucks provide versatile emergency towing in Chula Vista County. They are more of a modified semi truck with a flatbed that can fully carry a large vehicle (bus, RV, and more)for longer distance towing.

Lowboy tow trucks

Lowboy tow trucks are heavy duty trucks, designed for major towing and lifting, and they are ideal for transporting multiple vehicle accidents, long distance towing, and other heavyweight towing needs. The best thing about Lowboy trucks is that they can also tow other trucks, like semi trucks and tractors. They are essential on the highways and roads to remove major obstructions. Lowboy trucks are also a favorite for towing farm equipment and construction equipment, too.

Our recommendation:
Most heavy duty towing services require a general purpose towing flatbed tow truck.

If you find yourself saying, “Not sure what kind of heavy duty tow truck I need near me?”

Emergency Heavy Duty Towing Service by Professionals

We are a fully insured towing services in Chula Vista. Our mobile mechanics are available for your heavy load emergencies. If you need a car locksmith, Expedite Towing guarantees the best help when you feel unsafe or stuck on the road with a heavy duty towing emergency.

  • Heavy duty mechanics
  • Heavy duty locksmith
  • Heavy duty repairmen
  • Heavy duty tow experts!

Roadside Emergency Assistance Provider

Our tow trucks are ready for your vehicle recovery and heavy duty towing needs in Chula Vista.

CALL: 760-294-116

My truck has smoke!
My truck overturned!
My farm equipment is too heavy to tow!
My construction equipment needs a tow!

Roadside Assistance in Chula Vista

  • Battery
  • Truck Tire
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Fuel and Diesel
  • Lockout

If you are searching for heavy duty towing near Chula Vista, call us for a fast tow, and you can pay cash or credit. Roadside assistance does not have to be difficult or take forever just because you have a large load to tow. With our comprehensive coverage of Chula Vista County, we truly cut the waiting time for vehicle recovery, vehicle transport, and heavy duty towing.

Mobile Vehicle Heavy Duty Services

It’s not only cars that break down on the road. Mobile vehicle car services in Chula Vista include a fast towing service coming to you for mobile heavy duty services. It means towing you to safety and transporting you at the best price. We have many discount towing services available during emergency roadside assistance requests, especially during accident removal and emergencies. 24/7.

“Help! I need a tow!”
“I can’t afford a tow right now!”
“How much is the cost of a tow?”

If you’ve ever found yourself needing a tow, you understand the value of a mobile vehicle car service with all roadside emergencies. Expedite includes all heavy load roadside emergencies as well to make sure you’re safe in whatever you are driving near Chula Vista.

Quick on-site roadside assistance service:

  • Battery jumpstart
  • Car battery replacement
  • Flat tire change
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout

Vehicle Transport Services in Chula Vista

We take care of hauling heavy loads for you under any circumstances:

  • Impound
  • Recovery
  • Transport
  • Heavy duty
  • Private lot management
  • Accident
  • Farm
  • Construction

Towing - Chula Vista Experts and Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Our commitment to you is to be there for you when you most need fast, reliable, and affordable service. We offer 24 hour heavy duty emergency towing services throughout the Chula Vista area. Our professional towing services are fully insured. Our flatbed and lowboy tow trucks are insured. Our professionals are experts. We maintain our tow trucks to guarantee the best possible service in your most stressful times.

  • Fully insured towing company
  • AAA approved tow trucks
  • Quality heavy duty and medium duty tow trucks
  • Trained towing professionals

Heavy Duty Towing Chula Vista

Expedite Towing is proud to serve Chula Vista with emergency towing, roadside assistance, 24 hour towing, accident towing, and more. We carry the best parts for your road emergencies. If your car is stuck, we move fast to bring you to safety. Our goal is to keep the Chula Vista roads safe by keeping YOU safe.

  • Car repair parts
  • Fast tow arrival
  • Top safety procedures

Your Vehicle Recovery Towing Emergency - Get Quote Now

Call now for the best vehicle recovery towing emergency, Chula Vista! Every roadside emergency has a different price. Sometimes you just need a heavy duty tow. Sometimes you need minor roadside assistance parts. Other tows are larger in scale. Call us and we’ll help find the best fit for you fast and easy!

Trusted Tow Truck Network –Near Chula Vista

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  • San Diego
  • La Mesa

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Our trusted tow truck network in Chula Vista County stems from our main locations and covers the entire county from cities to beaches and rural or suburban areas. That’s the Expedite Towing difference and that’s what makes us the best and the fastest!

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