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Towing for Cross Country Insurance – Insurance Tow Truck Dispatch

We are towing partners to Cross Country auto insurance agents in the greater San Diego area of South California; our objective is to be the first tow truck at the emergency site to tow to assist. dispatching a tow truck is easy to Cross Country Insurance agents, Call or book a tow truck online for immediate dispatch to your specified emergency location. Get an Estimated Time of Arrival and keep your customers happy.

Towing provided by Expedite-Towing is the solution for immediate tow truck dispatch!

When a roadside emergency needs to be serviced immediately and all tow trucks are busy, you can count on Expedite-Towing to be at the emergency location at the estimated time of arrival.

San Diego Insurance Towing

San Diego insured drivers can be assured that in case of unexpected car troubles while on San Diego highways, such as a flat tire, accident, or just need a tow truck dispatched, you can count on getting a professional Cross Country insurance emergency tow truck service by Expedite-Towing of San Diego.

Cross Country Insurance Agents Towing Dispatch System

The Expedite-Towing partnership, with auto insurance providers, offers amazing safety and expedite response benefits to San Diego insurance agents. Emergency tow truck dispatch for roadside assistance is now quick and easy. Get your towing ETA Now!
Cross Country agents can easily call or dispatch a tow truck online. contact an Expedite-Towing customer support representative to schedule or immediately dispatch a tow truck. We have one available now for you, just call to find the ETA.
It’s unpleasant to be stuck on the side of San Diego highways, unsafe to wait for a tow truck, and stressful to all personnel who are resolving the problem. When you are part of the response chain, you got to be giving your 100%. We take our part seriously and our mission is to keep your customers happy by providing professional towing and emergency roadside response and getting your tow truck dispatch order processed correctly.

Everything is an emergency!

Flat Tire, Locked Out, Out of Gas, Car won’t Start… Let’s face it… Someone Needs Help!

Why Call Expedite-Towing! Expedite Dispatch

there are many reasons to call Expedite-Towing, but the most common reason is the “Expedite Dispatch" as we share the same obligation to our customers that include providing quality towing service that eventually leads to a safe and happy customer.
Expedite your Cross Country Tow Truck Dispatch Now!

We are the your nearest towing company serving all cities in San Diego County. we get to the emergency location quickly to get the Job done safely and professionally.

Contact Expedite-Towing for light duty towing for the insured:

  • Motorcycle and ATV Towing Services to recover broken down vehicles after an unexpected breakdown.
  • Luxury and Classic Car Towing Services for all wheel drive vehicles that need flatbed towing.
  • Sport and Exotic Car Towing services to keep vehicle in pristine environment for vehicles that need trailer towing.

Contact Expedite-Towing for heavy duty towing for the insured:

  • Bus, RV, and 18 Wheeler towing services
  • Truck, Van, and boat towing services
  • Forklift, Bobcat, and Big Rig Towing Services

We are the San Diego Insurance’s partner for emergency roadside help and towing.

We are Ready, we are Available, and we are near you!

We are towing partners to auto insurance agencies in the greater San Diego area of South California; our objective is to be the source for emergency roadside assistance to all auto insurance agencies. Insurance towing provided by Expedite-Towing for Cross Country insurance is the solution for immediate tow truck dispatch.

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